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    We are ready for the next challenge. Yours!

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    • Melisa is a great addition to teams delivering complex products because she understands both UX and Development. She questions everything (in a good way!), works fast, and consistently wants to improve the end product for the user. Her personality and experience enhance any project.

      Jason Theodor / Capco

    • We were extremely lucky to have Melisa on our team for one of our larger projects. Melisa is diligent, highly collaborative, and open to exploring different approaches. She lacks ego when analyzing her own work, which proved critical when working within a highly agile and opinionated environment. I would recommend Melisa to any project that needs a strong UX designer, and the project will be better for it.

      Guy Segal / Capco

    • Working with Melisa was an absolute pleasure. I could be certain that any work that was sent her way would be treated as an absolute priority. She is extremely intelligent, and a true team player. I am glad that I had the opportunity to work with her, and hope that our paths cross again.

      Dan Mouck / TD

    • Melisa get's the job done professionally and with a smile. She would be a big asset to any company.

      Raphael Rostenne / TD

    • Melisa has been a pleasure to work with, and her positive attitude to work has been a real asset. She is always willing to go the extra mile to successfully deliver, and has been a key member of the development team since project kick off.

      Steve Hawes / Imagination

    • I can recommend Melissa Yukselir as a person with great skills and deep background in Front-end Development. I had a pleasure to work on various private labelled car auction sites. Passionate, hard-working and motivated colleague. Independent, forward thinking and self motivated. I can highly recommend working with her.

      Derrick Mitra / Openlane

    • Melisa is a multi-faceted developer being able to bring together her expertise in design with her programming abilities in many web languages. This gives her the ability to take on full projects on her own, and make an excellent addition to any team. She picks up new technologies quickly and always brings dedication and enthusiasm to any task. I would gladly work with Melisa again.

      Michael Vinogradov / GroupBy Inc

    • Having seen Melisa's work many times I can attest to the superior level of quality she insists upon. Her work ethic is second to none as she very diligently executes her tasks and infuses her material with an edgy appeal while also being simple to use.

      Stephen Jose / RIM

    • Although I have never worked directly with her, I have known Melisa for over 4 years and she has always been passionate about her work. She is very dedicated and always eager to learn and improve her skills.

      Theo Danilov / Thenix Labs

    • I had the pleasure of working with Melisa on several occasions at MacLaren McCann direct and interactive and at MMRM. Melisa is a very capable developer. Her determination to see projects to their conclusion, her natural aptitudes for both development and interface design as well as her desire to do the best possible work within the constraints of time and budget make her an asset to any organization. She is extremely professional in her workplace demeanour and in her approach to work. I can recommend Melisa without hesitation.

      Brendan Best / Maclaren Mccann

    • Melisa was a huge help to our project. She came to us as a freelance resource and immediately hit the ground running. She had a great grasp of various front end best practices and was helpful and flexible. She was able to take on a wide variety of tasks and was very focused in terms of her attention to detail and the quality of her work. I would gladly recommend Melisa as a member of any team or development situation.

      James Duncan / Blast Radius

    • Very fast and knowledgeable, I enjoyed working with Melisa very much.

      Rob Taylor / Pathway Communications

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